Delivery Information

The product delivery will be made anywhere in the country or abroad. 

Prior to the delivery A&P Collections will send phone or e-mail order confirmations.

The delivery is made by curier, and involves a transport charge which depends on the payment method you have chosen. This cost will be added to the total value of the order.

If the payment will be made by card or bank transfer the delivery cost will be 13,50 Ron per order (regardless of the value, quantity or destination of the order) and in case you choose to pay at destination the cost will be 15,00 RON. At delivery please verify the package integrity in the presence of the courier. If there are any irregularities please register them together with the courier in a report that we kindly ask you to send on our company address or via email at

Based on an official report, if such an event might occure we would be able to solve any issue arisen during the transport period.

The products are delivered across the country through URGENT CARGUS.

Please note that the delivery costs might change depending on the pices charged by the courier company.

For abroad deliveries, please contact our customer service for a delivery price estimate